Giants and Jets want casino advertising

Giants and Jets are considering the possibility to be sponsored by casinos. “This is an interesting situation, because there is a large segment in which to develop relationships”, said Jets owner, Woody Johnson. “But it is also a delicate situation because we would be in line with the existing policy of the League in the game”.Casino Advertising

Also Giants co-owner, John Mara, informed The Post who are considering this possibility. Moreover, casino advertising could bring 5 million dollars a year in Jets and Giants portfolio. Commissioner Roger Goodell and the League are discussing the issue at the annual meeting being held this week in Palm Beach, Florida, and confidential sources have revealed that an agreement to change the current advertising policy would represent a dramatic turnaround for the NFL.

For years, the League is very strongly opposed to any cooperation with the gaming industry, fearing that it would be seen as a promotion of sports betting. In 2018, the League has expressed a negative opinion in the campaign to promote tourism in Las Vegas ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas’, conducted during the Super Bowl and NBC had banned to promote a show called ‘Las Vegas’ during The ‘Sunday Night Football’. “This would certainly be a precedent unusual,” said Frank Vuono, a partner at 16W Marketing. “The NFL has always been strict about the integrity of the game“.